Concurrent sessions Numbers


Invited speaker




Concurrent sessions 1-7 Mon 14:30



Mechanisms of Biotic Interactions

Bart Thomma

Wenbo Ma

Coding and Decoding Calcium Signals

Sheng Luan

Myriam Charpentier

Integrative System Biology

Rodrigo Guterriez

Mark Stitt

Crop genomics and genome editing

Ksenia Krasileva

Brian Staskawicz

Conserved principles of plant development

Olivier Hamant

Nick Monk

Cell Walls

Ying Gu

Simon Turner

GXE in grapevine: the genomic perspective

Mario Pezzotti

Kristina Gruden




Concurrent sessions 8-14 Tue 14:30



Mechanisms of Parasitic Plant Interactions

Shelley Lumba

Julie Scholes

Hormone Signaling

Lucia Strader

Alexander Jones

Protein interactomics in Plant Growth and Development

Geert de Jaeger

Madelaine Bartlett

Diversity and Genetic Basis of Complex Traits

Bin Han

Jianming Yu

Flower and Seed development

Xiang-Dong Fu

Toshiro Ito

Evolution and Domestication of Plant Specialized Metabolites

Asaph Aharoni

Robert Last

Tropical and Mediteranean Plants

Sophie Léran/ Pierre Maraccini

Bjorn Usadel




Concurrent sessions 15-20 Wed 11:15



Plant Microbiome

Corné M.J. Pieterse

Cara Haney

Hormone Transport

Youngsok Lee

Eilon Shani

Synthetic biology

Nicola Patron

Diego Orzaez

DNA Damage and Repair

Paula Casati

Jean Molinier

Physiology and development of stomata guard cells

Nathalie Leonhardt

Diana Santelia

Mechanisms and funtion of autophagy

Tamar Avin-Wittenberg

Diane Bassham




Concurrent sessions 21-26 Wed 14:30



Plant Receptors - Mediators of the Interaction with the Environment

Thomas Kroj

Yusuke Saijo

Response to Climate Change

Pedro L Rodriguez

Ebe Merilo

System Biology of Photosynthesis

Sabeeha Merchant

Willi Gruissem

Epigenetic and Genome Function

XiaoFeng Cao

Fred Berger

Root Function and Development

Niko Geldner

Veronica Grieneisen

Protein Modification and Degradation

Alok Krishna Sinha

Ari Sadanandom




Concurrent sessions 27-32 Wed 16:30



The Plant Immune System

Jane Parker

Hailing Jin

Long Distance Signaling

Patrick Achard

Hitoshi Sakakibara

Light and Shade

Carlos Ballaré

Salome Prat

Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing

Xuemei Chen

Hervé Vaucheret

Shoot Architecture

Yonghong Wang

Klaus Theres

Stem cells

Kenneth D. Birnbaum

Bert de Rybel







Concurrent sessions 33-38 Thu 11:15



Signaling in Plant Biotic Interaction

Xinnian Dong

Jonathan D G Jones

Nutrient Transport and Sensing

Gabriel Krouk

Terri Long

Genome Organization and Evolution

Mary Anne Van Sluys

C.Robin Buell

Meiotic Recombination

Emmanuel Guiderdoni

Ian Henderson

Plant Reproduction

José Feijo

Rita Groß-Hardt

Plant Central Metabolism

Yves Gibon

Jörg Schwender







Concurrent sessions 39-44 Thu 14:30



Plant Virus Interaction

Carolynn Malstrom

Israel Pagán Muñoz

Plant Response to Combinatorial Stress

Jean-Benoît Morel

Ron Mittler

Rock around the clock

Paloma Mas

Tokitaka Oyama

Molecular Breeding

Ryohei Terauchi

Sigrid Heuer

Programmed Cell Death

Kazuyuki Kuchitsu

Veronica Franklin-Tong

The Algal Revolution from the ocean to the agricultural field

Philippe Potin

Mariella Ferrante




Concurrent sessions 45-50 Thu 16:30




Uta Paszkowski

Jens Stougaard

Life at the Interface: Membrane Delimited Signaling and Transport

Dirk Becker

Gabriele Monshausen

Gene and Metabolic Regulatory Network

Siobhan Brady

Alisdair Fernie

Natural Variation and Adaptation

Kirsten Bomblies

Angela Hancock

Cell and Organ Size

Hirokazu Tsukaya

Hilde Nelissen


Frederica Brandizzi

Karin Schumacher